The Dining Danryumansai (暖琉満菜)

At The Dining Danryumansai (暖琉満菜), you can enjoy French, Japanese, Okinawa, Chinese cuisines altogether at one place. Our popular lunch & dessert buffet comes in 50 kinds of dishes, 20 kinds of hotel desserts and 16 different drinks.

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BBQ Garden CHI

While enjoying the beautiful sunset view over the pool, have yourself a delicious barbeque meal in an open atmosphere. 

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Yakiniku Cho (朝)

Yakiniku Cho (朝) is a restaurant with private spaces where you feel its relaxing atmosphere and allow you to talk with your beloved ones during dinner throughout the whole night. 

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Bar Lounge Taira

With its location looking over the East China Sea, Bar Lounge Taira provides to our guests a peaceful and calm mood and a wide selection of famous drinks around the world. 

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